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    Rainer Zietlow supports SOS Children's Villages

    Since 2005 Rainer Zietlow is supporting the international children’s welfare organisation SOS Children's Villages with his projects. For “Touareg-CapetoCape” he donates 20 euro cent per kilometre driven to the SOS Childrens Village’s in Khartoum,Sudan and Lusaka, Zambia. After the world record race he will visit the villages together with his cameraman Christian Altmann during their roadshow in autumn 2014 to personally hand over the donation. Pictures and a short video of that visit will be shown on this website. The donation contributes to the running costs and the maintenance of the SOS Children’s Villages in Khartoum and Lusaka.

    About SOS Children's Villages

    SOS Children's Villages is an international, non-governmental organisation that provides services in the areas of care, education and health for children who have already lost or who are at risk of losing parental care. The organisation was founded in 1949 and today runs more than 2,300 programmes reaching more than a million children and adults in 134 countries and territories. Its work is guided by the spirit of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. SOS Children's Villages adheres to the principle that every child grows best in a family environment, with loving parents or care-givers, living together with their siblings, in a place they can call home. SOS Children's Villages works with communities, local partners and authorities to support disadvantaged families, thus preventing family breakdown. When necessary and when it is deemed to be in the child's best interests, there is the option for children to grow up in a foster family or in an SOS Children's Villages family, where children are supported, protected and cared for until they reach adulthood. SOS Children's Villages also aims to influence decision-makers to make changes in policies and practices in order to promote the well-being of children, especially of those without parental care. More information on SOS Children's Villages can be found at www.sos-childrensvillages.org

    Rainer Zietlow and Food & Trees for Africa

    Rainer Zietlow supports the South African organisation for sustainability “Food & Trees for Africa” (FTFA) with 4.000 Euro. FTFA guarantees that “Touareg-CapetoCape” (including its scout tour, world record tour and roadshow in Africa and Europe) will be carbon neutral through the planting of 578 trees in townships in South Africa. These 578 trees will offset 213 tonnes of carbon dioxide as per the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and Voluntary Carbon Standard, more than the whole world record project requires.

    About Food & Trees for Africa

    Food & Trees for Africa (FTFA) is South Africa’s social and environmental enterprise improving lives and landscapes towards healthy people on a healthier planet, since 1990. Over 4.2 million trees, thousands of natural food gardens, some bamboo projects and organic farms have been planted for poor communities. FTFA has been a pioneer of climate change response, mitigation and adaptation, launching the first South African carbon calculator, the Carbon Protocol of South Africa and the Climate Change Leadership Awards, and is the African Branch Manager for the Climate Reality Project and partner for the first African Climate Leadership Corps Training. See www.trees.co.za for more.