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    Rainer Zietlow

    Teamleader, first driver

    Rainer Zietlow´s new world record tour is now on - this time he is driving from Norway to South Africa to complete his 10th automotive project with a Volkswagen car and to get his third long-distance world record. In 2004 Rainer Zietlow founded his automotive event agency “Challenge4 GmbH” and turned his hobby into daily business. Since then the holder of three Guinness World Records, completed all nine projects successfully:

    • 2005: High altitude record for standard vehicles
    • 2006/2007 First world circumnavigation with CNG
    • 2007 From Berlin to Bangkok with CNG
    • 2009 Visiting all 800 CNG stations in Germany in 80 days
    • 2009: From Lisbon to Vladivostok with CNG
    • 2010: From Argentina to Alaska with CNG
    • 2011 Long-distance world record: Panamericana
    • 2012 Long-distance world record: From Melbourne to Sankt Petersburg
    • 2013 Amarok Polar Expedition: From Moscow to Kamchatka

    Marius Biela

    Photographer, Cameraman and second driver

    Owner of the photo and video agency “emotionscreens” and second driver of the Cape to Cape World Record tour. Marius is an experienced photographer, cameraman and driver and has been driven long-distance tours since 2009 together with Rainer. At daytime Marius takes pictures and records videos about the world record tour, at night he is driving. He has already two world records for completing the famous road "Panamericana" in just 11 days and 17 hours and driving from Melbourne to St. Petersburg in only 17 days and 18 hours. Always keen on adventures, he is now looking forward to completing his personal hattrick with this third world record and ticking off Africa as the last of six continents to drive through.

    Matthias Prillwitz

    Blogger, Third Driver

    Active Rally driver and owner of the company "M.P. Race Logistik" as well as third driver of the world record tour "Cape to Cape". Matthias has been active in rallying for 15 years now and has a strong connection with Volkswagen due to his active past in the "VW Polo Rallye Challenge". Matthias' achievements include three World Cup starts as well as numerous victories at national championships as a driver and later as a co-pilot. With the business he has built up, Matthias today looks after the next generation in rallying. Besides this he is taking care of supporting and equipping racing teams.